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Friday, May 20, 2011

History Part 5

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Prominent Members of Kalliat family who did not become the Tharwad Karanavar but had made worthy contributions to the family

(1) Sri Anandan Nambiar (Kottur) :-

The children of Smt Sreedevi Amma of Kammarath Thavazhi Sri Chathukutty Nambiar and Sri Krishnan Nambiar became the tharavad Karanavars. But Sri Anandan Nambiar and Sri Kunhiraman Nambiar were not fortunate to become the Karanavar.
Nevertheless Anandan Nambiar lived like a king in Pathayapura. By his sheer physical size and the unique life style the entire community respected and to some extent feared him. He was also the Adhikari of Sreekantapuram Amsam. He was popularly known as Kottur Anandan ejamanan and held in very high esteem.

(2) Kottur Kunhiraman Nambiar :-

He was the direct brother of Kottur Anandan Nambiar. He studied up to F.A. and was highly cultured and knowledgeable. He was a man of kind nature and loved by all.
He married in Ponmaleri Koroth family It was he who conducted the Devi poojas in Thazhathveedu for a long time. He was also active in Politics and participated in AICC session at NewDelhi.alongwith Koodali Kunhi Kammaran Nambiar during which time he had the opportunity to personally meet and talk to Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji was very impressed with them and spent more than 15 minutes in conversation with them. Both of them were quite proficient in English language. He was also the Adhikari of Kottur and a well known expert in the treatment for snake bites etc.

(3) Kalliat Thazhathveetil Kunhi Kammaran Nambiar
(Kammarath) :-

He was the eldest son of Smt Narayani amma of Kammarath Thavazhi and the karanavar of Koodali tharwad Sri Kunhi Krishnan Nambiar. His early schooling was in Tellicherry and for about 30 years he was the Adhikari for Kalliat Amsam. He had a number of achievements to his credit a few of which were:
(a) Founder of Kalliat U.P School
(b) President of Kalliat Chinmaya Mission
(c) Founder President of United Currency Union (Presently the Bank)
(d) Donated land for construction of office buildings for Kalliat Mahila Samajam, Irikkur Block Development office etc
(e) Donated 10 acres of cashew garden to Kannur Chinmaya Mission
(f) An ardent devotee of Devi
(g) Gave financial assistance to many deserving students to pursue their studies.

He married Koodali thazhathveetil Parvathi alias Kunhammalu. Koodasli High School Head master Sri K.T.Ramakrishnan Nambiar , Smt Madhavikutty and Sri. Devidasn were his children. He passed away on 20. 10. 1970 when he was 67 years old.

Kalliat Thazhathveetil Kunhappa Nambiar :-

He was the youngest son of Smt Kalliat Thazhathveetil Kalyani Amma. After his early education he was engrossed in agriculture and also acquired a lot of knowledge in scientific methods of agriculture. He developed his own coconut,mango and pepper gardens. While he stayed in his early days in Kalliat Thazhathveedu, later on he built “Ramapuram” and “Lakshmipuram” and shifted residence. He married Ayiliath Kuttiyeri Janaki Amma. He was very keen on the major buildings belonging to the family being retained. With this end in view he took the initiative to bid for Kalliat Thazhath Veedu in the name of his sister Janaki Amma. It is a fact that Kalliat Thazhath veedu is remaining as it is today only because of his vision and far sightedness, It was Kunhappa Nambiar who looked after all the family temples while Sri K.T.Gopalan Nambiar was the Karanavar. He also donated 10 acres of land for the Government Higher Secondary School, Irikkur. The land required for the Blathur Mother & Child care centre was also donated by him.
He passed away on 16 / 09 /1974 at the age of 70 years.

Kalliat Thazhathveetil Narayanan Nambiar. (Appukuttan
Chithrari) :-

He was the eldest son of Koodali Thazhathveetil Kunhikammaran Nambiar & Kalliat thazhathveetil Madhavi Amma. Born in Madras he completed his early education in Pannoor. Subsequent education was in Tellicherry BEMP School, Govt Brennen College and thereafter at Coimbatore Agricultural College where he completed BSc Agriculture. He later joined the Indian Army and went on to become a Major. After the 2nd World war he joined the Civil Services and became the Manager of the Kozhikode Employment Exchange. Thereafter he served for a long period in Madras and eventually retired from service as Deputy Director Employment Exchange New Delhi. After retirement he settled down in Payyanur in the house “Gokul”. His wife was Vengail Meenakshikutty amma and Dr V.S Nayanar, Premalatha and Nirmala were his children He passed away on 26 / 04 / 1995.

Kalliatthazhathveetil Kunhikammaran Nambiar (Sukumaran) Chithrari :-

He was the second son of Koodali Thazhathveetil Kunhikammaran Nambiar & Smt Kalliat Thazhathveetil Madhavi Amma. After his early education in Panur and Tellicherry he went on to complete BVSc and MVSc to become a doctor.
After working in various places in Tamilnadu he became the professor of Physiology in Madras Veterinary College.
On retirement he settled down in Premalayam , Chithrari. Koodali Thazhathveetil Sarojini amma (Ammu) was his wife and Dr Suresh and Ramesh (Engineer) were their children. He served as the President of the first Managing committee of Mamankunnu Sri Mahadevi Temple. During his tenure as President he brought about a number of reforms for the efficient running of the temple. He passed away in February 1978.

Kalliat Thazhathveetil Narayanan Nambiar (Pathayapura) Appukuttan :-

He was the fourth son of Kachiprath Krishnan Nambiar and Kalliat Thazhathveetil Parvathy amma who was staying in Kalliat Pathayapura.. Narayanan Nambiar was a known freedom fighter and honoured for his contribution to the freedom struggle. He died at Bangalore while staying with his son.

Kalliat Thazhathveetil Kunhikrishnan Nambiar (Pathayapura) :-

He was the youngest son of Kachiprath Krishnan Nambiar and Smt Kalliat Thazhathveetil Parvathy Amma. He was very popular amongst the relatives and particularly the younger generation. Known for his excellent sense of humour he was an integral part of all important functions in the family. A great patriot, he always wore Khadi and spun the yarn for his clothes himself. He was the Adhikari of Kalliat Amsam. He spent his last days in Komath House in Koodali and died there only.

K.T.Harindranath :-

He was the second son of Sri K.T.Chandu Nambiar, the well known Advocate and scholar and Kalliat Thazhathveetil Devaki Amma. After his early education in BEMP High school and Governmnent Brennen College he joined the Madras Law College and obtained his B.L degree and commenced Practice as a criminal Lawyer in Tellicherry Bar from where he moved on to Ernakulam High Court in 1965. Later on from 1970 he shifted to the Supreme Court. He was a very successful Lawyer. He was also a known Socialist Leader and contested against Sri V.R.Krishna Iyer in the state assembly elections from Kuthuparamba constituency in 1952 but lost by a very thin margin.
He was also the Tellicherry Municipal Chairman form 1958 to 1961 and later on in the year 1964 joined the Indian National Congress. His wife was O.C Lakshmikutty Amma. He passed away on 21st September 1992.

History Composed by K.T Prahlad