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Friday, May 20, 2011

History Part 4

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Sri K.T.Kunhiraman Nambiar :-

He married Koodali Thazhathveetil Meenakshi Amma (Chandrothidam) and had three daughters Viz Ammalu, Chinnammu and Kalyani and a son called Kunhiraman. Kunhiraman later on became the “Karanavar “ of Koodali Thazhath veedu for a considerably long period.

Kalliat Thazhathveeti Chathukutty Nambiar :-

Sri Valiya Kammaran Nambiar had two sisters named Smt Sreedevi amma and Parvathy Amma. Sreedevi amma’s children belonged to Kodolipram Thavazhi and  Kammarath Thavazhi.Parvathi  amma’s  children  became  members  of the  thazhathu  veedu  thavazhi. Sri K.T.Chathukutty Nambiar was the eldest son of Sreedevi amma. Even when his predecessor Sri Kunhiraman Nambiar was the Karanavar Sri Chathukutty Nambiar was in charge of most of the family affairs.Chathukutty Nambiar took good care of the vast properties belonging to Kalliat Tharwad. During those days the entire landed properties stretching from Kootupuzha to Srikantapuram belonged to Kalliat Tharwad. In order to have effective control over the extensive properties he built a Pathayapura in Padiyur and operated from there.He ruled practically like a king in the area and was extremely popular. He  married Ayilliath  kuttieri  Sreedevi amma[Chiruthai] They  had  four  sons  [chathukutty [Appanu], Balakrishnan,Kunhinaranan,  Bava ]Later  he  married Janaki  the sister of Koodali Senior man and had two sons out of her[chathukutty,  raghavan ]. He was a member of the legislative council of Madras. On the 32nd day of chingam in the year 1111 (English Calender year 1935) he passed away after a massive heart attack.

K.T.Krishnan Nambiar :-

In the Malayalam calendar year 1111 after the death of Chathukutty Nambiar his younger brother K.T.Krishnan Nambiar became the Karanavar . Although he was an educated and knowledgeable person he lacked administrative capabilities. It was during his time that Christian settlers from Travancore area resorted to systematic encroachments. Vast areas of forest lands were assigned to the settlers which further encouraged such encroachers. As things were going from bad to worse, the family members organized a meeting on 28 /09 /1941 to take stock of the situation. Ultimately Sri Kunhikammaran Nambiar was appointed as Manager by Krishnan Nambiar. Accordingly Sri Kunhikammaran Nambiar took charge of all family matters and brought about orderliness in family accounts, payment of maintenance allowance to members , collection of revenues, resisting encroachments etc.
He was a very successful administrator. Meanwhile Sri Krishnan Nambiar expired and Sri K.T.Kunhanandan Nambiar from Kodolipram Thavazhi became the Karanavar.

K.T.Kunhanandan Nambiar :-

Even during the period of Kunhanandan Nambiar administration was still entrusted to Kunhikammaran Nambiar. This was the period when the communist movement was gaining strength in Malabar. Quite understandably Sri Kunhikammaran Nambiar became the enemy of the communists. The communists were successful to some extent in projecting Sri Kunhikammaran Nambiar as on Oppressor. Kunhikammaran Nambiar, however stood up to all this. Meanwhile a group of people were successful in creating a rift between Sri Kunhikammaran Nambiar and Sri Kunhanandan Nambiar which lead to filing of the family partition suit in 1947.. The partition suit dragged on until 1968 by which time lot of properties were encroached upon. On the whole, the partition of kalliat family caused irreparable loss to the members and also the image of the family. By 1959 Sri Kunhanandan Nambiar passed away..

K.T.Kunhikannan Nambiar :-

Sri Kunhikannan Nambiar became the karanavar after the death of Sri Kunhanandan Nambiar. Valiya Kammaran Nambiar’s sister Parvathy amma’s daughter Kalyani amma had six children.Viz, Lakshmikutty amma, Janaki amma, Narayani amma, Ammalu amma Kunhikannan Nambiar and Kunhappa Nambiar, Out of the above Sri Kunhikannan Nambiar, succeeded Sri Kunhanandan Nambiar as Karanavar. It was Sri Kunhikannan Nambiar who built “Krishnavilasam”. He married Koodali Thazhathveetil Devaki amma. Sri Koodali Thazhathveetil Kunhikrishnan Nambiar their son later on became the karanavar of Koodali Tharwad. Sri Kunhikannan Nambiar was known as a great conversationalist and also for his flair for entertaining his guests.After  the  death  of  his  wife, kunhi  kannan  Nambiar  married  mavila othayoth  veettil Narayani  amma.They  have  a  daughter  [  Sharada   ] . Kunhi  kannan  nambiar  later  married,  Ponmaleri  koroth  Meenakshy  amma  and  stayed  at  Krishnavilasam  for  many  years.  Their  children  are [ kunhikannan,  sukumaran,  kunhi narayanan  , Venu  and  premam ]

K.T.Gopalan Nambiar :-

Sri Gopalan Nambiar was the eldest son of Laksmikutty amma the sister of the earlier Karanavar of Sri Kunhanandan Nambiar. His father Vyakkara Padannakkat Rairu Nambiar , was a well known advocate of Madras High court. Sri Rairu Nambiar was a busy civil lawyer and also a general secretary of Indian National Congress. Sri Rairu Nambiar was a trend setter in his own right having taken his wife Lakshmikutty amma past Korapuzha river to Madras which was an extremely bold step by standards prevailing those days. Rairu Nambiar eventually passed away consequent to a massive heart attack while staying in Chettamcoon and practising in Tellicherry bar.A prominent civil lawyer of the Tellicherry bar, Sri Gopalan Nambiar married Varikkara Padinjare Veetil Kunhammalu amma. During his period as Karanavar he entrusted his nephew Sri Kunhappa Nambiar to manage the family temples at Mamanam , Kalliat and Vayathur.

Kalliat Thazhathveetil Padmanabhan Nambiar (K.T.P.Nambiar) :-

He was the direct younger brother of the earlier Karanavar. He completed his Medical studies from Madras Medical College and was a very successful doctor in Tellicherry. He married Smt Devi , the eldest daughter of the famous advocate Sri O.T.Govindan Nambiar.Sri K.T.P.Nambiar was the most sought after gynecologist in Kannur District. He passed away in 1987 at his residence “Govardhan” in Tellicherry.

K.T.Kunhiraman Nambiar (Thamban) :-

Kunhiraman Nambiar was the only son of Smt Lakshmikutty Amma. He was a keen agriculturist and owned extensive landed properties. It was during his period as Karanavar that the management of family temples was entrusted to his brother Sri.Kunhikrishnan Nambiar. Sri Kunhiraman Nambiar passed away on the 7TH March 1991 at Kuyilur where he had built a house for himself.

K.T.Kunhikrishnan Nambiar :-

Kunhikrishnan Nambiar was the son of Koodali Thazhathveetil Kunhikrishnan Nambiar and Kalliat Thazhathveetil Narayani Amma. Kunhikrishnan Nambiar had longstanding and strong relationship with Vayathur Temple. As far as devotees from Coorg were concerned Kunhikrishnan Nambiar was the Kalliat ejamanan. Smt K.T Janaki Amma daughter of Sri K.T.Chandu Nambiar was his wife. In 1992 all the children and nephews of Sri Kunhikrishnan Nambiar got together and celebrated his birth anniversary at Mamanam Temple. The renovation and Puna prathishta of Kalliat Shivakshethram was conducted in a grand manner only during the period when Sri Kunhikrishnan Nambiar was the Karanavar. He also entrusted the upkeep and maintenance of the family temples at Mamanam, Kalliat and vettakorumakan Kottam to his nephew Sri K.T.Balagopalan Nambiar . He eventually passed away on 25 / 07 / 1997.

K.T.Raveendranath :-

He was the eldest son of the renowned advocate and scholar Sri K.T.Chandu Nambiar and Kalliat Thazhathveetil Devaki Amma. He practiced as an advocate for a long period in Kuthuparamba and later on in Tellicherry bar. His contributions to the family as Karanavar were perhaps the most valuable and far reaching.
Formation of the Kalliat Thazhathveedu Kshethra Samuchaya Trust, regrouping of the family members under one umbrella after the devastating consequences of the family partition, large scale developments in Mamanam Temple, rebuilding of the temples at Kallayi and Kannangode, preparation of the comprehensive scheme for running of all the family temples consequent upon the take over of Mamanam temple by the Malabar Devaswam Board (MDB). etc were only a few of the more important measures initiated by Sri Raveendranath as Karanavar. It was under his leadership that the management and upkeep of the family temples was organized in a systematic manner.
When the control of Mamanam temple was about to be lost for the family he took the bold step to dismiss the committee looking after the affairs of the temple and appointed an Advisory Board consisting of senior members of the family and a few outsiders as well to be in charge. He also initiated steps to repurchase the properties belonging to the temple which had been alienated. His timely intervention during the takeover of the temple by MDB ensured that the tharwad karanavar continued to function as the hereditary trustee of the family temples.
He had very deep knowledge in Carnatic music and had also authored a few authoritative books on the subject. He was a follower of Bharathiya Jansangh in the earlier days and had also presided over a meeting in which Sri A.B.Vajpayee who later on became the Prime Minister of India had participated. He passed away on 14th November 2010.

K.T.Balagopalan Nambiar :-

He is the youngest son of Koodali Thazhathveetil Kunhiraman Nambiar and Smt Kalliat Thazhathveetil Madhavi Amma. Even after obtaining a diploma in food Technology, as per the direction of his father he remained at Chithrari and managed the extensive landed properties belonging to the family. He was known for his great sense of humour and was held in high esteem by his relatives as well as people from different walks of life. He was the founder president of Pattanur Service Cooperative Bank which initially functioned from his house before shifting to its present premises. He married Madhavi kutty amma of Chenicheri family and had three children Viz Sreekumar, Sashikumar and Shailaja. Even before becoming the Karanavar he took upon himself the responsibility of looking after all the family temples. His untiring efforts only brought Vettakkorumakan Kottam to its present state. The Punaprathishta of KalliatMahavishnu Kshethram was also done under his leadership. He was further instrumental in renovating the Kodolipuram Kavinisseri Shiva kshethram. He was for a long time a member of the Mamanikunnu Sri Mahadevi Kshethram Governing body and subsequently took over as the President of the Advisory Board. He was known for the straight forward manner in which he handled family matters. He was also the automatic choice to become the President of the Kalliat Thazhathveedu Kshethra Samuchaya Trust. On every first of January the Kottam Prathishta dinam and family get-together is held with Sri Balagopalan Nambiar as the chief patron and President.