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Monday, March 21, 2011

History Part 3

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Brief Particulars pertaining to Illustrious Karanavars of Kalliat Thazhathu Veedu Tharavad

Kalliat Thazhathveetil ValiyaKammaran Nambiar.

               He was the son of Ayilliath Kuttiyeri Koran Nambiar and Kalliat Thazhathveetil Madhavi Amma (Kunhimathai) He married Koodali ThazhathveetilChiruthaikutty alia Sridevi amma. They had four female children named Madhavi, Parvathy and Sreedevi and three male children named Kunhiraman, Kunhikrishnan and Kunhikannan. It was Kammaran Nambiar who built Komath Bhavanam in Koodali during 1060 / 1062 for his wife and childrenHe also built the “Pathayapura” and rebuilt the Kalliat Thazhathveedu to make it what it is today. The kalliat Shivakshethram was also built by him.He amassed a lot of property for the family. The documents regietered by him for the family by paying 17500 silver coinsare still on record at the Anjarakandy Registrar’s office even today.
It is interesting to note that Kammaran Nambiar and his son Kunhiraman Nambiar were Karanavars (Senior man) of Kalliat Thazhathveedu and Koodali Thazhathveedu Tharwads respectively during the same period.

Kalliat thazhathveetilValiya Chathukutty Nambiar.

He assumed charge as “Karanavar” on the demise of Valiya Kammaran Nambiar in 1076. He was the eldest son of Kammaran Nambiar’s sister Sreedevi. He had three brothers  named  Krishnan, Othenan and Chandukutty. Othenan Nambiar was well versed in traditional pooja rites. He was the person who did the “Prathishta” of Devi in thekkumthara in Kalliat Thazhathveedu and perform pooja thereat for the first time. Chathukutty Nambiar died in the year 1083.

Kalliat Thazhathveetil Narayanan Nambiar.

After the death of Chathukutty Nambiar his nephew Narayanan Nambiar took over as “Karanavar” in the year 1083 andcontinued till 1090. He was the eldest son of Parvathy , the direct sister of Chathukutty Nambiar. The now famous Vayathur Temple, in its present form, was built by him. The new idol was also installed by Narayanan Nambiar. He passed away in 1090.

Kalliat Thazhathveetil Kunhiraman Nambiar.

In 1090 after the death of Narayanan Nambiar Kunhiraman Nambiar became the “Karanavar” He was the son of one of the sisters of Valiya Kammaran Nambiar,Smt Parvathy amma. He was a strikingly handsome and highly knowledgeable person. He also had a passion for travel but had a his own unique behavior. Unlike the earlier “Karanavars” he never stayed in the “Pathayapura”. Instead he chose to stay in the “Thekkina” as a result of which others in the family used to refer to him as “Thekkinayil Ammamen”. He even had his unique way of dressing.