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Monday, March 21, 2011

History of Kalliat Thazhathveedu - Part 2

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When we make an attempt to trace the history of Kalliat Thazhathveedu and travel down memory lane we will reach one Sri Chathu Nambiar and his sister who stayed in Kalliad.
The origin of the majestic Kalliat Thazhath veedu was a small thatched house in those days.There were three Nambiar families in Kalliad viz,Puthen veedu, Thazhathveedu and Padinharekarammalveedu. These families were closely interconnected. While Chathu Nambiar and his sister stayed in Thazhathveedu his brother Anandan stayed in Puthenveedu and the other brother Koran stayed in Padinharekarammal veedu. Chathu Nambiar’s sister had a daughter named Kunhimathai whose husband was Ayilyath Kuttiyeri Koran Nambiar. For a longtime they had no male progeny.
When Chathu Nambiar advanced in age and as he did not have any male child to succeed him he entrusted all his property to his trusted brother Puthenveetil Anandan with the following proviso in the transfer deed.
“As my sister’s daughter Kunhimathai ha no male issues I hereby adopt my brother Puthenveetil Anandan to Thazhathveedu Tharwad. However, the other members of Puthenveedu Tharwad will not have any rights whatsoever on Thazhathveedu properties. I hereby stipulate that when my sister’s daughter begets a male child Puthenveetil Anandan will be required to bring up that child and eventually hand over all the properties to him on his attaining majority.”
Puthenveetil Anandan Nambiar was an extremely honest and noble person. He looked after the properties of Thazhathveedu with total dedication and honesty. After sometime Kunhimathai delivered a male child who was named Kammaran. He had two sisters called Sridevi and Parvathy. When Kammaran became a major Anandan Nambiar kept his word and handed overall the property to Kammaran by a document which contained a clause as under.
“After the death of my brother Chathu I looked after his properties till now. Now that you have attained majority I am hereby handing over all the properties that belonged to Thazhathveedu to you. You should from now on look after all the family matters and also the matters pertaining to the various temples belonging to the family.”
Anandan Nambiar died in medam 1031. All the rites after his death were performed by Kammaran in a befitting manner.Anandan Nambiar, however, had a direct nephew by name Puthenveetil Kannan who was an avaricious and jealous person. He contended that he is the rightful owner of all the properties belonging to Thazhathveedu and dragged the matter to the court against Kammaran. After a long legal battle the matter was decided in favour of Kammaran by Sir Brown in his judgment as Arbitrator. The above judgment was pronounced in 1856 according to which Kammaran was declared as the direct decendent and rightful owner of all the Thazhath veedu properties.
Temples which were owned and managed by Kalliat Thazhathveedu family till some of them were taken over by the Malabar Devaswam Board from 04 /12 /2006.
(1) Mamanikunnu Sri Mahadevi Temple
(2) Kannamgode Mahavishnu Temple
(3) Kalliad Mahavishnu Temple.
(4) Kalliad Vayathur Kaliyar Temple
(5) Kalliad Pothikottam
(6) Kalliat Vettakkorumakan Temple
(7) Peruman Chuzhali Baghavathy Temple
(8) Peruman Baghavathy Kottam
(9) Kodolipram Kavarisseri Shiva Temple
(10) Varayil kavu Kodolipram
(11) Kalliad Pullivettakorumakan Temple
(12) Vayathur Kaliyar Temple Vayathur
(13) Kallayi Shiva temple,Anjarakandy
(14) Vayathur Vettakorumakan Temple
(15) Mavilayi Peringad Kavu.